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Note: The publications listed below are intended for academic and personal use only. Any production or commercial use of the publications is prohibited. *Indicates student collaborators

Navarro-Cruz, G., Dávila, B., *Amaya, A., and I. Barajas.  Accommodating Life’s Demands: Childcare Choices for Student Parents in Higher Education. Forthcoming in Early Childhood Research Quarterly.

Dávila, B., Navarro-Cruz, G., Barajas, I., *Liu, A., and *S. Carrillo.  2021. Pulling Double Duty: Help Student Parents Succeed by Creating a Family-Friendly Campus Culture.  Planning for Higher Education, 50(1), 1-9.

Navarro-Cruz, G. E., Dávila, B. A., & Kouyoumdjian, C. 2020. From Teen Parent to Student Parent: Latina Mothers’ Persistence in Higher Education. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education.

Dávila, B., *García Pérez, G., and *T. Vargas. 2020. Building Bridges with Latina/o Parents: Lessons from a College Access Program. Journal of Latinos and Education. DOI: 10.1080/15348431.2020.1794874

Bensimon, E.M., Dowd, A.C., Stanton-Salazar, R., and B. Dávila. 2019. Institutional Agents in Providing Institutional Support to Latinx Students in STEM.  The Review of Higher Education, 42(4), 1689-1721.

Zambrana, R., Dávila, B., Espino, M., Lapeyrouse, L., Valdez, R., and D. Segura.  2017. Mexican American Faculty in Research Universities: Can the Next Generation Beat the Odds?  Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 3(4): 458-473.

Zambrana, R., Wingfield, A., Lapeyrouse, L., Dávila, B., Hoagland, T., and R. Valdez. 2017. Blatant, Subtle and Insidious: URM Faculty Perceptions of Discriminatory Practices in Predominantly White Institutions. Sociological Inquiry, 87(2): 207-232.

Zambrana, R., De Jesús, A. and B. Dávila.  2015. Examining the Influence of K-12 School Experiences on the Chicana Higher Education Pathway.  Pp. 122-142 in The Magic Key: Resistance Strategies of Mexican Americans in P-16 Pathways and Beyond, edited by R. Zambrana and S. Hurtado.  Austin: University of Texas Press.

Dávila, B. and R. Macias. 2015. Community Cultural Wealth and Latina/o College Choice: The Role of a College Access Program. Pp. 165-178 in Higher Education Access and Choice for Latino Students: Critical Findings and Theoretical Perspectives, edited by P. Perez and M. Ceja.  New York: Routledge.

Dávila, B. 2015. Critical Race Theory, Disability Microaggressions and Latina/o Student Experiences in Special Education. Race Ethnicity and Education, 18(4): 443-468.
---Reprinted in Critical Race Theory in Education (2018), edited by Dixson, A.D., Gillborn, D., Ladson-Billings, G., Parker, L.J., Rollock, N. and P.Warmington. Oxon: Routledge/Informa UK Limited.

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