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Bensimon, E., Dowd, A., Stanton-Salazar, R., and B. Dávila.  STEM Faculty Enacting Institutional Agent Roles to Support Latinx Student Success.  Forthcoming in the Review of Higher Education.  

Zambrana, R., Dávila, B., Espino, M., Lapeyrouse, L., Valdez, R., and D. Segura.  Mexican American Faculty in Research Universities: Can the Next Generation Beat the Odds?  Sociology of Race and Ethnicity, 3(4): 458-473.

Zambrana, R., Wingfield, A., Lapeyrouse, L., Dávila, B., Hoagland, T., and R. Valdez. 2017. Blatant, Subtle and Insidious: URM Faculty Perceptions of Discriminatory Practices in Predominantly White Institutions. Sociological Inquiry, 87(2): 207-232.

Zambrana, R., De Jesús, A. and B. Dávila.  2015. Examining the Influence of K-12 School Experiences on the Chicana Higher Education Pathway.  Pp. 122-142 in The Magic Key: Resistance Strategies of Mexican Americans in P-16 Pathways and Beyond, edited by R. Zambrana and S. Hurtado.  Austin: University of Texas Press.

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