Educational Equity Research Lab

In the Educational Equity Research Lab and in collaboration with Dr. Giselle Navarro-Cruz (Early Childhood Studies), Dr. Dávila and her research assistants are conducting a research study that explores the educational experiences of student parents in higher education. They aim to uncover students’ sources of academic motivation, potential challenges they face and strategies they employ to overcome such barriers, and institutional policies and practices that facilitate academic success.  Current research assistants include: Talia Guiragossian, Cynthia Villalobos, Olivia Bosek, Ruby Ramirez-Murillo, Arielle Marino, Kayla Pavlinac, and Evan Greco.  Previous research assistants include: Misana Mondragon Parra, Alanna Potter, Ariana Racedo (Phillips Graduate University MA student), Jessica Griffin, Anna Liu (OSU MA student), Vincent Fuentes (CSUF MA student), C. Mariana Curiel (CSULA MSW student), Kevin Gieseke (ASU MA student), Priscilla Hernandez (UMass doctoral student) and Isabela Pérez (UCR doctoral student).  

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